The “Loop” to the Stadium?

It looks like the Elon Musk tunneling company’s underground transportation system will soon be expanding. The Boring Company has submitted its special use permit application to the City of Las Vegas and intends to file a land use application in Clark County shortly. The first step in the process to construct The Vegas Loop transportation system.

Proposed as a transportation solution to reduce congestion in the Strip Corridor, the Vegas Loop will consist of underground tunnels connecting downtown Las Vegas, the Strip corridor and reaching as far south as the Allegiant Stadium

What is “The Vegas Loop”?

The Vegas Loop project envisions underground tunnels stretching the length of the Strip and as far south as the newly finished Allegiant Stadium. The tunnels will use electric Tesla “sleds” to transport passengers. Its plan was to eliminate the often criticized monorail project with a more reliable and more personal mode of public transportation in the Las Vegas tourist corridor.
Image: Mark Damon/Las Vegas News Bureau

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