100 We made it to 100 without killing each other!

Las vegas Art in City Center

City Center calls this art, The vegas Tourist
Yes, TheVegasTourist.com podcast made it to show #100 and both of us are still alive to talk about it. Sorry, we did not go video on this one, although Sazzy… did go… oh never mind… it was still a fun show to do. Las Vegas is still here and so are we…..

We truly are blessed with some of the best fans in Podcasting. Thank you for all the letters, emails and other tokens of great appreciation that were sent. We did not go into the email bag on the show because it was too big of a task. But you know who you are and we truly thank you all for them.


Now as you look upon that awesome picture of the canoe artwork at City Center, you must agree that a picture like that is worth a thousand words… Well actually no, its worth just a couple. “What in the world were those idiots thinking? That’s what you call Vegas Art?? And you paid money for that??”  How do I get in on that scam?  I mean… deal??

While you ponder that, here are some of the links we mentioned in the podcast.

Sazzy did Joy Prom
Here we have video, not of Sazzy, but the event…

Danny Gans dies
That was a shocker to the city!


June 20th Gangsters and Goodfellas Night
Come out and meet da’ boys

Sin City Bad Girls
Go for the music, stay for the ta-ta’s

See, we still like to play western dress up!


The needless death of a Metro Officer
You know my thoughts….

Until next time…
Keep the emails and calls coming in…..



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