101 – The Mayor, The Bulls and The Man behind South Point

Yup, we broke the century mark and starting on the next 100 shows… Just for you!  And yes, that is a photo of South Point owner Michael Gaughan!


Also hitting the century mark is the Las Vegas summertime heat.  That means the stranger is getting stranger by the minute. The desert heat will do that to some people. We also noticed that our “The Vegas Tourist Tidbits” file is running over, so we figured it was time for another podcast.

Here are the links:

As Tour Director, Mark had time with Las Vegas mayor Oscar B Goodman.
Oscar is in his last term as mayor, I really feel sorry for whoever replaces him as mayor. How do you follow this act??

For those of you in town…. Don’t forget, June 20th is Mobsters and Goodfellas Night
Uncle Denny, Henry Hill, a bunch of FBI/Metro men from years gone by and a lot of great stories to pass around. On top of some great pizza!

The Chester Stiles sentencing. Worse than murder? I think so.


Steve Wynn and Garth Brooks… Something burning here??
It would be so nice to have some country on the strip!

World Series of Poker (WSOP) is in full swing. Just look at the picture above… Words can’t describe it!

Running of the Bulls is September 14/15 and 27/30. This is going to be fun!!


We end with an interesting interview with Michael Gaughan.  His father is the infamous Jackie Gaughan.  Who one time owned almost all of downtown.  Micheal followed in his father’s footsteps a little late in life.  But made up for it in creating some the best local casinos in Las Vegas before merging with his high school buddy and other famous Vegas family, the Boyds.  Then cashing out right after the Boyds made the power play and decided to blow up the Stardust.

Micheal Gaughn is now the owner of  the South Point Resort


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