102 It’s The Heat Folks

Vegas in the summer

Time flies when you’re melting in the Vegas sun!!


Yes, we finally sat down and did a podcast.  Than Mark got caught up in moving and… well, you know what THAT’s like….

So here it is in all its rough edited glory.  Podcast number 102.


Some of the Podcast Highlights
The Tropicana gets new owners who promise new shows.  Not better shows or shows of great value like they used to have.  Nope, just more shows.


Garth Brooks to be a Las Vegas Headliner?  We can only hope.  Some real friendly talent is needed on the strip and needed soon.

We updated the Hotel Promo codes and have we got some Vegas deals for you!!

Phantom – The Vegas Spectacular – celebrates three successful years in Vegas!


Write it down!!
Mark predicts that a woman will be at the final table for the World Series of Poker!!

Finally –
The Chip – N – Dale Magnet is going through a little medical situation and needs some Vegas loving and positive thoughts from The Vegas Tourist fan base… Keep her in your thoughts, would you ???



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