108 We Got Garth, Craig and So Much More….

Criag Jackson and Mark Anthony

A new Podcast?? Ok, it’s been a little while since the last podcast. No real good reason other than life has been a bit busy and schedules need to align… And now they have.

Just in time for the big secret to get out to the world… Yup, Mark is looking for a new Co-host. Not for The Vegas Tourist… But for … well, you really need to listen to the podcast to know what for.

Than we have news that Garth Brooks was purchased by Steve Wynn. So he is coming out of retirement and gets a jet. The Barrett-Jackson Car Auction was a success and Mark has a great interview with the Craig Jackson, son of one of the founders of the company. Plus Sazzy had a great time shooting the SNORE 250 dirt race…

Links and Notes from the show

That should be about it….



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