109 Sazzy, Steve and Mark at The PBR

Mark's brother shows up for the PBR

Pro Bull Riders world finals with Mark, Steve and Sazzy
As if you didn’t know it was going to happen… This Podcast is all about the 2009 Pro Bull Riders World Finals (PBR)… This year we got a little help from my brother Steve, who came in from Minnesota for the first week of festivities. Poor guy… He never knew what hit him…..

I tried to add some Vegas Tourist stuff in this podcast, but was out numbered. Sorry… I really did try!!

Here are some of the highlights and links….

Dr Lonnie is a no show for annual Halloween open house

The Ford Raptor Global warming be damned, I want one!!

Believe in Tomorrow – A wonderful foundation that the PBR is supporting. Helping kids with cancer realize their dreams.


Danny Gans bio is released

PBR updates can be found here

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