117 World Cups – Horse, Bulls and other fun stuff !

Skyjump from Las Vegas casino

Jump from the top of the Las Vegas Stratosphere tower

I know, it’s been awhile since Sazzy and I sat down to shoot the breeze, but we finally found some time together and fired off another Vegas Tourist Podcast.

Stratosphere’s New Sky Jump is Open
The tallest building west of the Mississippi is now accepting jumpers. Yes, you can now safely (?) jump off the top of the Stratosphere Tower. Go ahead, try it, I will wait for the photos..


Nickel Night.
Yes, you read it right. A new Pub in City Center offers five cent Pabst Blue Ribbon beer ever Tuesday night. Snow Birds Rejoice!

> Cirq Show For Michael Jackson
They just can’t let the poor guy rest in peace… Cirque du Soleil wants ANOTHER show on the strip. This one based on the life and music of Michael Jackson.

They even threatened that they will not close “Believe” in order to house this one. So not sure where it will go.


> Laughlin River Run is this weekend.
Think of it as the west coast version of Sturgis. Motorcycles, biker chicks, and uptight accountants trying to be “the wild one” letting their hair down for a weekend on the river. They take over the whole town!

Southern Nevada railroad Photo Shoot
Sazzy and I are off to the Choo-Choo’s this weekend. This event is free and open to the public. Boulder City is a place you have to visit !!

> Harrah’s City Wide Buffet Deal $29.99
No more being tied to one feed trough. you can roam the city and gorge yourself almost anywhere along the strip. Harrah’s has eight buffets’ in Vegas


> The Arabian Breeders World Cup
Apparently this was the week for World Cups and fourth anniversary’s as the Arabian Breeders brought their best into the South Point Casino and equestrian Center. We met up with a rescued Arabian.

> PBR World Cup
The Pro Bull Riders brought their fourth annual World Cup to Las Vegas. They should just name it the Brazilian Cup! Those boys have won it 3 out of 4 years….

And a final shout-out to Andrew DiDonato. His life story is about to be made into a a book and DVD called “Surviving the Mob. The review is coming soon.

Until next week

Mark Anthony
Host of The Vegas Tourist Podcast

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