12 Market Research – Sazzy Style



Don’t you just love it when another team member steps forward and says “I’ll Do it”???  You know, steps forward and takes on a task that many would shiver just at the thought of doing.  Like going to a bunch of Las Vegas strip clubs and checking out the merchandise?? I know, what a thought?  What a mean task to assign to somebody.

Well, only twelve episodes in, and Sazzy does just that.  Takes on a challenge that would scare most other fresh co-hosts.  And to think she found someone to help her accomplish this difficult task!  She recruits a volunteer in completing this awful task. And it’s our good friend, The Godfather.

This is one of our most popular, infamous and shortest podcasts of all times.  The Number 12 episode.

This is the one where Sazzy and the Godfather do some “market research” –By that, we mean that Sazzy and Her Man hit Vegas’ and check out some of the finer titty bars and gentlemen’s clubs around town. Don’t worry, she survived the night and is here to tell us about it.

This was our first podcast iTunes asked that we put an Explicit Tag on it.  Not For The Gentle Ears of some of our finer listeners.



When we mention the #12 Look, this is where it came from.

We were new to the whole Podcasting world. We just got our media credentials to cover the Pro Bull Riding World Finals and to interview some of the cowboys.  Many were curious about who we were.  So we would send them off to listen to our show to get a feel for how we operate and what to expect when we do the interviews.  Don’t ask the usual canned questions.  No script with no filter between brain and mouth, etc…


This was our last episode posted.  So the cowboys went trotting off to their hotel rooms and listened to this podcast.  The one about some frisky chick voluntarily does the Las Vegas stripper club tour with her boyfriend. Calling it “Market Research” and actually enjoys the experience.

The cowboys had built up this image of who Sazzy must be and what she must look like after listening to her on the show.  An image that was completely different than the person standing before them, introducing herself as we start the interview.  They all gave her the once over and followed the visual inspection, smile and start with the question “Are you Sazzy?” Kind of a pleasantly, not so sure  surprised look of bewilderment…  Where the image in their head doesn’t match the image of what’s in front of them.  That’s What we now call “The #12 look


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