122 The PBR Review and Interview with Jeffrey Pollack

The Vegas Tourist interviews jeffrey po;;ack

The Vegas Tourist loves the PBR
Here we are with another exciting podcast from the world headquarters of The Vegas Tourist. Straight from a week of bull riding and dodging raindrops. Don’t worry, there is more to this podcast than just the bull stuff. We have some views, reviews and other things to amuse you!

However, we do have a killer interview with the new CEO of the Pro Bull Riders (PBR) Mr Jeffrey Pollack.  He granted us some of his time during the PBR World Finals and talked about his background and about his views on the PBR and Las Vegas. He was the man who made the World Series of Poker the money maker that it is today.  Interesting stuff.

  • Our listeners are so high tech and we love you for it. 6% of you are reading this from your smartphone, iPad or other mobile device.
  • Sazzy will be running the Rock N Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon. Hope you can be there to cheer her on.
  • Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge opened up!
  • Wayne Newton and his attraction is gaining ground.
  • Barret Jackson Auction
  • NASCAR Trucks
  • Double Decker Two Day Bus Pass
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