124 We Survived NASCAR Weekend!!!!

The Vegas Tourist goes to NASCAR

NASCAR weekend in Las Vegas with Sazzy and Ace reporter in las vegas

This podcast is dedicated to Las Vegas NASCAR fans and Vegas Foodies!! If that ain’t your thing, , you may want to move on to the next show!!

The Ace reporter was on his “A game for photography and Sazzy was on her… well…. she was there shooting… me?? Not even in the game! Spent my time int he media room tweeting and updating sports blogs!

When Ace and The Chip N Dale Magnet hit town, the food critics come out….

Then there was the racing!!

  • Danica matures and drives
  • Jennifer Jo Cobb runs as well
  • No Burnouts!
  • Tony Stewart “Second Place Sucks!”

And a real big THANK YOU to Nikon!! You people rock!



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