125 NASCAR/IndyCar Weekend – The Lost Podcast

Dan Wheldon Crash Indycar, the vegas tourist

This podcast is one of those shows you do because you want to get it off your chest.  To Just do it, get it out, get it over with and let the emotions pass thru.  It’s about that moment when watching and reporting on a dangerous sport like car racing becomes real right before your eyes.  What do you say?  How do you talk about watching the crash you hoped you would never see?  But isn’t that why we watch auto racing?  To see the crashes?? Most times, Yes!  But not to see Dan Wheldon get killed in a race that he really didn’t have to be in.

As webmaster and host, I had to make the decision to post or not to post.  The emotions were still raw days after we watched the IndyCar accident and we made the show.  I did not want to post it.  But here it is.  Affectionately known as  “The Lost Podcast from The Vegas Tourist

* Read why this is “The Lost Podcast”





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