126 – NASCAR Weekend in Review – Sort of

NASCAR Danica Patrick and Johanna Long, The Vegas Tourist at NASCAR

The first podcast of the new year and already I’m a month late posting it!! What can I say?? Not much.

Last month was NASCAR race weekend in Las Vegas and that meant a visit from the Ace Reporter and the Chip-N-Dale-Magnet. otherwise known as Sazzy’s parents. As our NASCAR tradition, we spend the week doing NASCAR stuff while the CNDM goes off and does what mother’s  do while dad and daughter are off chasing speeding cars and we end the weekend with a roundup of events.

Podcast Notes:

  • Seeing Tony Stewart at World of Outlaws Race track
  • Sazzy having a chance to run over Mark, and not doing so
  • The Sazzy household goes to play bingo
  • Making friends with Nationwide driver Johanna Long
  • Shooting from the moat and living to tell about it
  • Lunch at Dessy B’s Steakhouse
  • .
  • Buy NASCAR Tickets


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