#133 The Three Vegas Tourists Are Back

The Vegas Tourist Podcast 133


Sazzy is back in good spirits finally.  Mark is back from his honeymoon and The Ace Reporter is back from landscaping his house…  So it’s time to play catch up with everyone and do another Podcast!!!!  Program note: We were minus the cookie lady, but she is forgiven…  Just means more cookies next time.

Notes from The Vegas Tourist Podcast #133

  • The NFR is staying.  Basically the same old contract, different wording
  • The new High Roller Observation Wheel opened.  It may save Caesars from bankruptcy.
  • The Ace Reporter needs a job to pay for the new house updates
  • Sazzy is back and named Co-Captian of her corn holing team. (no comments)..
  • Mark got married again (wedding #4) and this time his brother was best man (Sazzy was best man at wedding #2)
  • The Harry Potter ride at Universal Studios Florida is amazing
  • What is Butter Beer made of?
  • This made our ninth year covering NASCAR and the first Mark missed.
  • Mark covered NHRA Drag Racing…  Think golf with wheels.
  • We need T-Shirt idea
  • Get Your Tickets to the NHRA Las Vegas Silver State Nationals



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