200 is The New Zero – The Vegas Tourist Podcast Relaunch!

The Vegas Tourist Podcast ReLaunch #200

Almost two years of Podcast Silence Ends Today!!  The Vegas Tourist Podcast happily returns to the Internet with a new format, new sound, and new attitude!

Podcast Background

So who am I and what am I talking about? Plus some of you may be wondering where is Sazzy? Well, let me explain it all here to you.

I am Mark Anthony. Founder, editor, owner and grand wizard of a website called TheVegasTourist.com – Obviously if you are reading this, you found us!


The first incarnation of the website was in June of 2006. I wanted a website that gave a local’s version or opinion of what’s really happening in Las Vegas. So I created it. Since then, this website has gone thru a lot of changes in those 9 plus years. Some good, some bad and some just awful!  What you see here today is the new look and one we aren’t done with yet.  We are still building it out for the new show contents.

In July of 2006, I decided to start a thing called a podcast and had asked my best friend Sazzy to be my co-host on the show. She hesitantly agreed, but finally thought “What the hell, let’s see where this goes?”  All of this is captured in Podcast #2 .


We went for 133 episodes in 8 years.  That’s an average of only 16 shows a year, and in those 8 years, we had a lot of fun with some interesting adventures along the way while meeting some really wonderful people who loved Las Vegas.  But as with all good things and with time, things change, people change. We drifted apart and we went our separate ways. The last show was posted in April of 2014.

Here it is January 2016 and I just thought it was time to get it back going again with a new start and a new focus. A weekly or almost weekly, podcast with an interview/news and update style of a format Along with some video highlights from time to time. (visit our YouTube Channel)

Why The New Format?
Well, There are a lot of people in the Las Vegas tourism world that want to tell their stories and I want to give them a place to tell it.
With over 40 million tourists coming here a year now, there are bound to be some great stories!


So why is 200 The New Zero?
I wanted to restart the podcast while preserving all the fun and wonderful things Sazzy and I did together. SO those first 133 episodes will stay put, be achieved and available to listen to anytime on the website.  But the new shows going forward will be starting with this show number 200. Or 200 being the new zero!

So if you see a large numbering gap in your feed reader or itunes podcatcher, that is why.
As for Sazzy, I miss her and I wish her well. Her sewing sazzy cat crafting business seems to be doing well. And she knows She always has an open invitation to return here as her schedule and ability permits.

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Going forward, I have some interesting guests lined up. A few old ones from the show and a lot of new people who want to talk about Las Vegas Tourism. For the returning listeners, thank you for your patience in waiting. I hope you stick around and give the new show a chance. For new listeners, welcome and let’s have some fun.

As always, I invite your courteous feedback, your comments, and your questions. Things you want to be discussed, possible guests you would like to hear from or an opinion on what’s new in Las Vegas.  You can hit the contact button and leave us a note or a question. Ok??

Until next time, this is Mark Anthony say have a great week!

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