218 Talking Virgin Holidays Concierge Plus other The Vegas Tourist Tidbits

Have you ever wished you could travel to Las Vegas and have a concierge available at your fingertips?  You can if you travel with Virgin Holidays.  You know,  that airline founded by Sir Richard Branson?  Today’s guest is my fellow friend and Las Vegas Territory member Gloria Kritzler.  She is the west coast regional manager for Virgin Holidays Concierge.  But first, we play catch up with Vegas Tourist Tidbits.

  1. The little casino that couldn’t
  2. Yes, Vegas Tourists’ are not happy with the rebranding name for the Monte Carlo.
  3. Mark’s Strip tour details about the guests encounter with the Living Statues at the Venetian
  4. The stadium vs convention center expansion is not a “This or That”  but an “all or Nothing”
  5. Mark’s Adderall is kicking in and you should be thankful for that!!
  6. Flashbacks from visiting the Hard Rock for the Pole Expo
  7. Late dinner at Mr Lucky’s 24/7 – Try the French Toast… Seriously!!!
  8. Review of the Pole Expo  Classic Competition
  9.  Remembering the Silence of Vegas on September 11th, 2001


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Gloria Kritzler – Virgin Holidays Concierge
In this podcast, I get to interview my first Tour Guide Boss, Gloria Kritzler.  She must have seen something promising in those deep dark eyes of mine or just had a weak moment, but she gave me that foot in the door to find my true passions for touring and talking!


These days, she is busy helping other international tourist enjoy themselves here in Las Vegas and elsewhere by being the west coast regional manager for Virgin Holidays Concierge.  In the interview, we get to talk a little tour history about the Grand Canyon West Rim Skywalk and learn that Virgin Holidays Concierge was the first tour sales to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon when they first opened!



Gloria Kritzler’s Tourist Tips

3 Things Every Vegas Tourist Should Do

  • Go see the Grand Canyon
  • See a show
  • Sample a restaurant

Hidden Vegas Gem: Valley of Fire

Favorite Vegas Show: Le Rêve

Favorite Vegas Movie:  Indecent Proposal

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