22 Sex Positive, Women Friendly! Review of CES and AEE plus other Tourist tidbits

The vegas Tourist Podcast #22

This is one of the few times we put in the Adult Advisory for our podcast!!  And for good reason:  To Protect The Children and those from California who live to be offended!

The first show of the new year and that means two of our favorite conventions: The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) hits Las Vegas along with 140,000 people.  At the same time as we have CES, another popular convention is in town, The Adult Entertainment Expo/AEE.  or what the locals call “The Porn Convention” .  Didn’t know they had a convention for all those X-Rated stuff you claim you never watch, did you??  We went to both and here’s our thoughts on them! Along with other tourist Tidbits

From the Porn Convention, we met a friendly and perky vendor lady named Suki. She invented the OhMiBod. Let’s just say that this is a ladies best friend to her iPod !

The Consumer Electronic Show is the largest convention Vegas hosts every year. About 140,000 people from the electronics trade come out to see what’s new in consumer related electronic gadgets and technology.


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