221 Talking Limousines w/Platinum LV Transportation and Other Vegas Tourist Tidbits

In this podcast, we talk about one of my favorite topics, limousines! Before we do that, Debbie and I talk some Vegas Tourist Tidbits.  Our interview this week is with Las Vegas Territory member Kellie McKinley at Platinum LV Transportation.  

“A Limousine is the most iconic way to experience The Las Vegas Strip”

Kellie McKinley – Platinum LV Transportation

Think about it.  Whenever you see a Vegas movie or the characters from your favorite show visit Las Vegas, what is the first thing they do after arriving?  They ride down the Strip in a limousine.  You should too!

As a former Las Vegas chauffeur, I can tell you that limo’s in Vegas are very popular with just about any type of tourist.  I can agree with Kellie that the limo market here is tough to get into and even tougher to keep up with and stay open.  You have to really know your business.  Kellie McKinley knows how to do it.  She talks about how she started Platinum LV Transportation and what makes them thrive  in the crowded limousine market of Las Vegas.  How to cater to the customer while keeping up with the technology changes as well as the vehicle changes Las Vegas is known for.


Platinum LV Transportation can handle almost anything with their 12 to 24 passenger coaches. These rolling high-tech luxury machines can front as a mobile office with all the high tech gadgets to being the party bus for the bachelorette party complete with “stabilizer bar” and audio-visual set-ups that match almost any karaoke bar or fancy nightclub!  The way you see Vegas matters!.



Kellie McKinley’s Vegas Tourist Tips

3 Things Every Vegas Tourist Should Do or See

  1. Get a picture at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign
  2. Walk thru the iconic Vegas casinos (Caesars, Bellagio, etc..)
  3. See downtown/Fremont Street

Hidden Gem(s): Top of The World Resturant / Binion’s Steakhouse

Favorite Vegas Show(s): Cirque Shows

Favorite Vegas Movie(s): Casino/ Oceans Eleven (modern)

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