227 – Talking About The Mob Museum

Ok, its been awhile since the last podcast.  The new year is not exactly starting out as I had planned, but it is a better year already!

So here we are, recorded on January 20.  Mark’s Birthday and the day America gets a new president.  A perfect day for a podcast.  Oh yea, it’s also raining outside!

  • Talking about the CES 2017, virtual reality, Amazon Echo and other things.
  • Mark’s Next Phone will be the LG20
  • Vegas tourist record 49.2 million for 2016
  • Hoover Dam Tour Story (Tour Link)
  • NASCAR/ The Big Game / NHRA

Today’s guest is Las Vegas Territory Member Brenda Hengel.
She is the PR Marketing Manager for the Mob Museum.  The National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement.

For some, they don’t see this museum for its cultural value.  But these are the people who have never been inside this place. This has got to be on your “Must See” Vegas list. It will

It’s awesome to walk through.  Give yourself at least two hours to see everything and digest everything.  It does not glamorize either side. It’s “just the facts mam”!


The interview was recorded inside the Oscar B Goodman conference room. Appropriately enough since this was his pet project as Mayor and it is the place where he tried his first case after moving to Las Vegas


Show Links:


Brenda Hengel’s Vegas Tourist Tips


3 Things Every Vegas Tourist Should Do or See

  • Come Downtown
  • See a Vegas Show
  • Go see Red Rock Conservation Area

Hidden Vegas Gem: The Smith Center

Favorite Vegas Show(s): Cabaret Jazz

Favorite Vegas Movie: Casino

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