37 West Rim Update… You can sleep in Toni Braxton’s (blank) – plus The Vegas Tourist Tidbits

We have returned…. head colds for everyone —- An update that doesn’t really surprise anyone….  After another series of tours to the grand Canyon West Rim, Mark still hasn’t changed his mind.  he still thinks that the West Rim is still a major ripoff for tourists!!


Toni Braxton

Tony Braxton is performing at the Flamingo.  Her body is all over the side of the hotel and if you want, you can stay in any part of her anatomy you want.  It’s Vegas and we know how to take your money!  So the fine folks at the Flamingo have found a way to market their hotel as well as Toni Braxton…  See, they apparently know what room is where on the giant billboard.  So you can request to stay in whatever part of her body you wish and they know where it is!





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