63 – The 3 Redneck Tenors


These three guys in a trailer park may not look like much at first glance….  But if the 3 redneck tenors come to a town near you, go see them…  You really need to see this show and see why we were blown away by their voices and their overall talent.  It’s funny, it’s entertaining and these boys can sing like nobody you have ever heard before. Ever hear three opera stars sing Elvis??

That’s the review part of this podcast. The rest is the usual Mark and Sazzy – The Vegas Tourist tidbits and other essential tourist stuff!


3 Redneck Tenors is the new hit show written and directed by opera star Matthew Lord and musical arrangements by award-winning composer Craig Bohmler. The two-act, 18-song musical production is the story of three yokels from Paris, Texas including Billy Bob, Billy Joe and Billy Billee who happen to have big-time operatic voices.

An enterprising Colonel discovers the boys and guides them on the search for the perfect venue – from rasslin’ matches to Medieval Times to a Masonic Lodge to a livestock show, and more – all the way to the big-time destination of Carnegie Hall. Along the way, you’re treated to an incredible musical adventure packed with unbelievable tunes and of course, lots of laughs. It’s down-home laughs, big city music!

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