97 Horses, Divorces and Poker

Sazzy and I are back and alone…. But not for long.  The Chip-N-Dale magnet is coming back!!  So we wanted to get a show in quickly before that event hits town.

This weekend, as Las Vegas panders to the Al Gore tree hugger’s by turning off the lights on the Strip for one hour on Saturday;  We at The Vegas Tourist believe this publicity stunt should not be wasted and that all people not buying into the hype should do just the opposite.  Turn every light you have on for one hour between 8:30-9:30 pm

In other TVT Updates:

The classic Mint 400 desert race is coming up.  And Sazzy will be out in the desert trying to catch a few racers in action.  This race dates back to the late 1960’s and was a great example of how Vegas promoted itself by being a little bit different than your ordinary tourist town.

Liberace Museum celebrates 30 years of bling.  Check out the true King of the Bling and why this is still one of the top tourist attraction in Las Vegas.

Ebay founder and Las Vegas resident is one of the top water users in Las Vegas


The quest mystery book “Vegas Die” and scavenger hunt is one-year-old.  Don’t worry, Sazzy is still in the hunt .  You will know it when she finds the $25,000 dagger.

The 40th World Series of Poker is getting ready to hit town on May 27 and The Vegas Tourist will be cheering on one of our own.  The Ringleader will be playing in some for the tournaments(hopefully the final table).  The Vegas Tourist will be there to capture whatever action we can find. (Or trouble)

Yes, the Wynn’s are divorcing.  With 18 years of continued married bliss ending (40 years total) the only question we have is who gets custody of Danny Gans???


As for the horses…  Vegas is getting to be THE place for equestrian events.  Who Knew??  The South Point Equestrian center held the annual American Quarter Horse Associations Silver Dollar Circuit.  And you know the PA was there.  These were some of the top quarter horses in the country, competing for various honors and awards. Thanks Jan, we had a blast !!

For all this and more stuff, listen to the podcast and it will all make sense…  I hope….

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