98 Feeding the Inner Foodie at Texas de Brazil and so much more…..

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Can you believe it? We are so close to the one-hundredth podcast, we can almost hear it!!

Number ninety-eight comes in at a very respectable forty-eight minutes of everything you have come to love, to know, and to respect from Mark and Sazzy. Okay, maybe not respect, but at least expect. After all, what would a podcast be without opinions that rub a few people the wrong way? A Las Vegas podcast that runs a lot of people the wrong way??


Listener email includes our buddy Jay checking in with his sarcastic views and to start the annual summer body count. Otherwise know as The Vegas Tourist Dead Pool. That is the usually body count caused by the desert summer sun, careless parents, and some poor abused and neglected child being thrown out in the sun or left in a hot car to fend for themselves.

We also talk about that joke known as Earth Hour. More people were in town to see the strip lights go dark, than to acknowledge “climate change.” Most people on the strip had no clue as to the reason for dimming the lights, they only knew that it was being done at landmarks around the world and they wanted to be in Las Vegas to see it happen.

The big news and the title for the podcast was for the dinner Mark and the PA enjoyed dinner at Texas de Brazil. This is a unique Brazilian restaurant and an amazing place to eat. Not only is the food excellent, with plenty of top shelf meat being served on a continuous basis; but you have an ever eager and friendly staff that is actually happy to be there and to make sure you are well served. I know, I know, customer service in a tourist, what a novel idea here in the land of neon.


If you are looking for an amazing dining experience, you are not a vegetarian or on a diet, head down to Town Center and enjoy this restaurant… Texas de Brazil. Carnivores welcome! Heck, even vegetarians will love their salad and soup bar.  Nothing like it in Las Vegas.

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The photo above is of a “life size” Transformer that was displayed outside the Paris resort during the annual Showest Convention! A promotion for the upcoming film “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”

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