239 A Trip to The Pahrump Winery with Gretchen Loken

We were going to call this podcast episode “Wine, Brothels, and lunch in Pahrump”.  But we had too much fun talking with Gretchen Loken who owns the winery.  So this is it.   Mark and Debbie talk about their trip to Pahrump and visiting the winery. Yes, the winery.  But no trip to Pahrump could ever be complete without a stop at least in front of the world-famous brothels and an admiration for the unique architecture you find when driving through the local neighborhoods!

Our reason for the trip to the town was to visit and interview the owners of the Pahrump Valley Winery.  Or at least the wife of the duo, Gretchen Loken who had no wine experience before their purchase of the property and is now an award-winning Viner.

Lunch at Symphony at the Winery is worth the trip alone. If nothing else will get you to go to Pahrump, this place will make the hour drive from Las Vegas worth the effort.  May I recommend the Bread Pudding and ancient vine wines?



Gretchen Loken – Pahrump Valley Winery

Gretchen and her husband bought the Pahrump winery in 2003 with absolutely no previous winery or wine tasting experience.
They are nicknamed “The Accidental Viners” for starting with no winery knowledge to being an award-winning winery and restaurant!

  • Free Winery Tours Daily: 11:30 1:30 3:30
  • Complimentary Wine Tasting. Any 7 wines. (Adults only!)
  • Resturant for lunch or dinner
  • Gift Shop
  • 20 different wines
  • 7 Nevada wines

The 2017 Grape Stomp  October 7/8 2017

Gretchen Loken’s Vegas Tourist Tips

3 Things Every Vegas Tourist Should Do or See

  • Hike Red Rock Canyon
  • Go See Hoover Dam
  • Visit Bonnie Springs

Vegas Gem: Not Sure

Favorite Vegas Show(s): Don’t Know!

Favorite Vegas Movie:  Oceans 11 (1960)

Contact: PahrumpWinery.com


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