208 Chris Rogers The Actor in Las Vegas

In this podcast, I get my answers about being an actor in Las Vegas from Chris Rogers, the Actor!

Las Vegas is a popular backdrop for movies, television shows and commercials. For a long time, you could make a decent income just being an actor in Las Vegas with all the productions being shot here.  Not so much anymore.  Toda., it’s more of a secondary income unless you know what you’re doing.  That’s one of the reasons I wanted to talk to Chris.  Chris has an interesting career path that brought him to Las Vegas and we cover that path and what it takes being a Las Vegas actor and staying sane, busy and in the business.

Where to send out of town friends?

  • Voodoo Lounge at Rio Resort
  • Bellagio Fountains
  • Mona Migabi Resturant, Paris Las Vegas
  • Bonanza Gift Shop “Worlds Largest Gift Shop”

Favorite Las Vegas Show

Places to Visit

  • Downtown/FSE
  • The Bellagio Conservatory

Favorite Attraction

  • Cleopatra’s Barge – Caesars Palace
  • Drive the Strip
  • “Welcome to Vegas” sign

Three “Must Do” Vegas Tourist Things

  • VooDoo Lounge
  • Walk Through Caesars
  • “Welcome to Las Vegas” Sign

Hidden Vegas Gem

  • Now closed Fontana Room – Bellagio

Favorite “Vegas” Movie




Find Chris Rogers

Chris Rogers The Actor – Main Website


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