209 We Go To Casa de Shenandoah

When you say the words “Las Vegas” people will mention the mob, maybe Frank Sinatra or The Rat Pack. Liberace also comes to people’s minds about our town.  Wayne Newton is often mentioned in the same breath as all those other legendary entertainment icons that have made Las Vegas what it is today.  He is the living connection we have to our past and has earned the moniker “Mr Las Vegas”.

Yes, I know.  A couple of podcasts ago, I made some snarky remarks about Mr Wayne Newton.  But honestly, who in Las Vegas hasn’t??   Not anymore, I have repented!  I have seen the errors of my ways! What changed??  Debbie and I had an opportunity to tour his famed ranch, the Casa de Shenandoah. If you didn’t know, it’s now open for tours and no matter what your impression is of the man, this tour will change your mind.  He is more than just “Mr Las Vegas”.  So you really should go see it.

If you are looking for a unique adventure and want to see a bit of Las Vegas history, learn more about the icon who has been entertaining people for over 60 years, most of it in Las Vegas, take a listen to the podcast as we walk you through the tours offered and what we saw and why it changed Mark’s perception of the man and his extraordinary career.

In addition to viewing Wayne Newton’s car collection, his stage outfits that go back to his childhood and gifts presented to him by other legendary entertainers, you can view his prize-winning Arabian horses, his menagerie of animals, his mansion  and the 52-acre ranch with its well manicured grounds, it’s artesian-fed ponds and the natural lakes.

The ranch, in all its splendid glory, has been open to tours since last September and is ranked as one of the top “Things to Do” in Las Vegas according to TripAdvisor.  The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, most of the video narrations are done by Wayne himself and that really gives you a personal look into his life.

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