251 Going to The Jamboree

We are back for the new year!!  Yes, A New Year and a New Podcast!  My wife Debbie Anthony joins me as we talk about a few “Vegas” things before digging into our recent weekend away, out of town. That means we start with a quick roundup of #CES2019 and some of the cool if not frightening gadgets on display.

We are no longer talking science fiction here folks.  Not even talking about what may be available later this year.  This was all about what we have on the market now or in the next 60 to 90 days and it’s exciting as much as it is frightening!

The Big Weekend

On the weekend of the “big fight” Manny Pacquiao vs. Adrien Broner, where rooms at Circus Circus were selling for $250 a night!  Thanks to a tip by our photo friend, Garrett Winslow, we instead headed north. To Hurricane, Utah for the 5th Annual Winter 4×4 Jamboree in Hurrican, UT

This was a last-minute idea and one we never encountered before. Being relatively new Jeep owners, it was great to get away from Las Vegas and head out to the rocky wilderness of Utah.  I can now say I am no longer a Jeep newbie as we joined over 600 other off-road enthusiasts at Sand Hollow State Park just outside St George, Utah.  A short, 2-hour drive from Las Vegas, in the shadow of beautiful Zion National Park.


There, we communed with nature while experiencing and witnessing some Jeep and off-road adventures with others who were not only uber-friendly to newbies like us, but they were true adventure seekers!

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