Podcast 87

Yes, we are back!!  Sazzy needed a little rest and Mark… well he was just a tad overwhelmed with life things…  But we are back and ready to head on into the Pro Bull Riders World Finals…  And so much more.

Lefty Rsoenthol died at 79.  lefty was the Mob’s main man in Las Vegas in the 60’s and 70’s.  Running the Stardust and few others while he was here.

Robert DeNiro played his character in the movie Casino.   Our buddy Dennis Griffin wrote about him on his blog.  A very interesting look back at the man who helped shaped Vegas history.  Dennis Griffin Blog

Mark and the PA headed over to the barrett Jackson car auction and watched $29 million worth of automobilia history go across the auction block.  Including Bette Davis’s Black beauty.  A mustang she ordered for herself on her 70th birthday.  News of auction

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