207 – Show review – 50 Shades Parody plus play tourist with the brother

My brother Steve, Jay Ohrberg and myself at Hollywood Cars Museum with Matar from “Cars”

On this Podcast, Mark plays tourist with His brother from Minnesota.  Hitting up a few car places and TV tourist spots.  Then we head out to celebrate the one year anniversary for 50 Shades! The Musical Parody.  While also catching up on some interesting Vegas news and usual updates.  The Vegas Tourist Podcast #207


Vegas News and Updates

Playing Tourist

We may live in Las Vegas and I may work on the Strip a lot, but it’s different when you can ride down the Strip and be a tourist with someone.  Ok, I also got to turn on my Tour Guide persona and make it into a real tour as my brother wanted to see some things he saw on TV and I needed to get some input from a tourist point of view on some other things, so it worked out for the both of us.

First up was to see the Shelby American Heritage Center.  The museum showing off the works of the man who created the modern day American Muscle Car, Carol Shelby!  Steve and I saw it when the museum was located up by the race track a few years ago.,  Now the museum/Heritage Center honoring Carol Shelby’s legacy and the car manufacturing facility are housed together and just off the south part  of the Las Vegas Strip.  You can tour the museum and see the new Shelby’s being built at the same time for free.

After that, it was off to visit an old friend:  Count’s Kustoms.  The home of the reality series “Counting Cars” (Amazon).  Debbie and I were here a few years ago when doing a behind the scenes interview for The Rodeo Roundup.  We got to see a few cars that were in pre-production stages so we were not allowed to get photos.  My favorite car from that tour is now on display in the showroom:  Season 4 Episode 2 – 1973 Buick Riviera!

From Counting Cars - 1973 Buick Riviera
Counting Cars – Season 4 Episode 2 – 1973 Buick Riviera

Having visited Count’s Kustoms, we needed to see where it all started: The World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, home of History Channel’s “Pawn Stars” (Amazon).  Being local, we get to enter first no matter how long the line is outside waiting to get in!!  It’s nothing to brag about.  A lot of artwork, jewelry and a gift shop for the show.  But people come and wait in line in the summer heat just to say they were there!

Finally, we visited Hollywood Car Museum Las Vegas by Jay Ohrberg. We interviewed Jay last year as he was getting ready to open up the museum.  This time, I wanted to see what was happening for the upcoming Liberace Garage grand opening.  (Read:

(Read: Hollywood Car Museum Opening)


He was busy on some new projects for a TV movie and next year’s Super Bowl.  Plus his shop mate was doing a polish job on a replica of the character car “Matar” from the movie Cars.  So we had to get a photo of us in front of Matar, with his teeth in!!  Go see the museum!! They have added some more movie cars.

Finally.  We hit up media night on the one-year anniversary of  50 Shades! The Parody at Bally’s (Tickets) – Awesome show – Makes good fun of the book and the movie.  A little dirty and a lot of fun.  Excellent cast with some great songs that match the story line. If you loved the movie or the books (or pretended to not like them), you will want to see the parody.

Now, Go Listen to the Podcast and get all the details!!

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