210 Talking Vegas Things with Tour Guide Pam

In this podcast, we talk with a friend of mine, fellow tour guide extraordinaire Pam Parask! Her unique journey to finding her way out to Las Vegas (Corporate Jet Pilot) and the ways we entertain ourselves trying to make a living in our adopted hometown.  Seems like we all have had multiple careers that were never covered by our guidance counselors in high school!

Pam is not your average Vegas tour person.  Once landing in Las Vegas, she took the route many Vegas residents do, have multiple streams of income. With Pam, she also worked at the Nevada Atomic Test Site, concierge, chauffeur and a realtor before becoming a tour professional where we get to explore the natural and wondrous side of Las Vegas and the surrounding states.


I know, it sounds like a strange path to happiness, and we talk about them, but this is Vegas after all and in Las Vegas, people do what they want, not what they were educated for!!

Topics of Interest:
MGM paid parking is a bad idea.  All the others will probably follow and hurt tourism

Sheldon 747’s SP, short body explained to me. As well as his idea for a new 17,000 seat concert venue

Wynn’s new Disney-like play area coming true with some help from arch enemy and neighboring competitor, Sheldon Adelson


Historic Riviera implosions start in June

Uber/Lyft drivers catching our ire…  Be Professionals Please!

Pam’s 3 Vegas Tourist Must Do’s

  1. Bellagio fountains/botanical gardens
  2. Venetian gondola’s /canal shops
  3. Old Vegas/Fremont Street

Name a Vegas’ Hidden Gem

  • The natural side of Las Vegas

Favorite Vegas Show?

  • Ka
  • O’

Favorite Vegas Movie

  • Casino

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