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The Vegas Tourist Podcast #201

Did you know that Las Vegas has to market itself to the world?  People tend to forget that Las Vegas is actually part of the state of Nevada (it’s true), so they market this fair city in conjunction with the rest of the state of Nevada.  It’s called “Travel Nevada”  Formerly known as the Nevada Commission on Tourism.  And my first guest and friend, is Teri Laursen who does that for us…  helps market the city and the state. We had a fun conversation and talk about it all while she shares some of her insights, stories, and thoughts about Las Vegas as a tourist destination.

Las Vegas used to be just a gambling town with name brand entertainment.  Not anymore. We have a little bit of something for just about everyone and the Las Vegas Strip is just a small part of that package.  That’s where the marketing comes in… to tell the world what all we can offer them for their travel vacation.


I like the fact that Teri points out the changing tourist.  We still have the large tour groups, but the average tourist is now getting more refined, personalized and adventurous.   Everything that Las Vegas and the state of Nevada is perfect for.  Getting out, having fun and experiencing things that they can’t find at home or anywhere else.

That diversity in activities actually surprises a lot of people who thought that they knew Las Vegas.  From single tourists, to adrenaline junkies to families, Las Vegas and the surrounding territory has something for everyone.  They just need to know its here and that’s why I chose Teri to be my first guest on the new podcast.

Thanks Teri!!

Last Show Attended: Jubilee
Recommended activities: Shopping tours, foodie tours
Favorite Las Vegas Movie: Oceans Eleven/ America’s Sweethearts



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