250 Touring the Grand Canyon North Rim

Recently, I had an opportunity to take a small group of people on a special tour to the Grand Canyon National Park North Rim, Bryce Canyon, and finally Zion National Park.  Here is my trip report from the North Rim.

The other voice you hear on this podcast is my beautiful and wonderful wife, Miss Debbie!

We do start the podcast with little highlights from some recent Death Valley Tours. Yes, I know. They have to be crazy to want to go to Death Valley in the summer.  I think it’s for some kind of honor badge or something. But I have done more Death Valley Tours in the last six weeks than I have done all year.  Kind of unusual, but I love Death Valley, so I went along with it….

This four-day tour was from Detours of Nevada, You can book any of their small group tours and get 10% off with the promo code “TVT”!

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