Hoover Dam Tour from Las Vegas
One of the mechanical wonders of the modern world is a short tour ride out of Las Vegas.  Hoover Dam.  It has been called an American Pyramid for its size and complexity.  It has been called one of the mechanical wonders of the modern world because of how it was built. Learn why it has been called all these names and still stands as one of the greatest landmarks of America while saving 10% on your Las Vegas To Hoover Dam Tour

Built in the middle of nowhere during the Great Depression.  Many said it could not be built. That it would not work.  Thousands of desperate people came west, in hopes of getting a job on the project work.  So why not take a half day and see it?  Travel to this man-made marvel in style and comfort as your professional guide will share many points of interest along the way. Passing through the town that built the dam, historic Boulder City,  past the shores of beautiful Lake Mead and onto Hoover Dam.

With this Hoover Dam Tour, you have a choice between a Morning tour or an afternoon tour.

The Half Day Hoover Dam Tour includes:

  • Hotel pick-up  with air-conditioned custom vehicle.
  • Maximum 12 people on your tour!
  • Trained guides – Listen to your expert guide, fully trained and knowledgeable on all aspects of Hoover Dam and it’s history. They are often referred to as Dam Encyclopedias!
  • Government’s Power Plant Tour – Travel 524′ into the walls of Black Canyon to view the Nevada Powerwing, generators and a 30-foot-diameter pipe inside one of the four diversion tunnels
  • Government’s Visitor Center and Exhibit Tour – See the history of Hoover Dam, view the numerous exhibits which explain how the dam was built, how it operates and who benefits from the water and electricity
  • A Walk on the Top –
  • Scenic Lake Mead Overlook – Snap some beautiful scenic photographs of Lake Mead
  • Vegas Trivia – Get all your Vegas questions answered by our trained and knowledgeable Tour Professionals on the ride back


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