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Can You Relate? When you travel, you tend to take a lot of images using a variety of cameras.  You use a still frame camera, a video camera, maybe even use a Drone or other recording device. Then when you want to see what you shot while still out in the boonies but you can’t because you don’t have one central location to see everything at?  Well, I may be able to change all that.  Meet my new traveling companion! Falwedi 10-in-1 USB C Hub (amazon)


My New Traveling Partner

With this little gadget, I get to go out, shoot all the different content that I do (4K camera/Drone camera/video camera/Nikon camera) gather all that delicious fresh content and download it to my smartphone or tablet on the go for storage, editing and uploading on the fly to my cloud or to my social media accounts.  No more waiting until I am back at the home office or coffee shop to download everything from every device. It’s all right there, with me still being mobile.

One Device, 10 ports, and connections / This USB C hub applies to all laptops with type-c port

  • Three 3.0 USB
  • 4K/30Hz HDMI port
  • SD card reader
  • TF card reader
  • 3.5mm Audio/mic 2-in-1
  • VGA port
  • USB driver

All that electronic goodness packed into a shiny smooth aluminum case that can be easily carried in your purse, carry-on or pants pocket.  I know it saves me space and I get to leave a few other connectors back at home!  Plus when in the hotel or friends home, I can plug this in, mirror my smartphone screen and display what I shot on their television or computer monitor.


I like to use it when I am out in the field or at an event to connect my smartphone to my 4K monitor for better viewing and easier editing.


I have had this device for about three weeks. it has been to the Grand Canyon, Death Valley and up to Utah numerous occasions.  My tour clients have used it for viewing and downloading their images and they love it. I have yet to find any real issues.  Just need to make sure you have good connections/cables.


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