Fantasy at Luxor – My Review

Fantasy at the Luxor Hotel and Casino

Sazzy and I had a date night last night.  We headed over to the Luxor to see the  “Fantasy” (think: Topless show).  Fantasy aka Midnight Fantasy has been going on in one form or another for over ten years!!

The newest version is lead by Playboy model, actress, pin-up girl, and all around hottie Angelica Bridges. That alone is almost worth the ticket price…  She is the ring-mistress of the evening.  Keeping the show moving with her sultry singing, dancing, toying with the audience members, staying barely dressed and introducing the various dance numbers and dancers.

Now before the Chip-N-Dale Magnet slaps the “pig” label on me for taking her daughter to a T&A show, let me say we were not the only couple there.  This is a classy show and the audience was a pretty good mix of almost everything adult.

A mix of men, women, couples, young, middle aged and old.  Seriously, there was a great mix of people.  Even two elderly gents who seemed to be out of the nursing home on an evening pass for the first time in years…


I love the Atrium Theater for its intimate feel.  It only seats 350 people and its design puts you up close and personal to the stage. So close, you could smell the perfume.  I don’t think there is a bad seat in the house. Perfect for this kind of show.

Normally when you think Vegas topless show, you probably think ear blasting bad music, cheesy lighting and some over the hill, former strippers who need more than a lift job.  With Fantasy, you would be 1000% wrong on all four counts.

At Fantasy, you get kick-ass choreography, music that makes sense that’s not rattling the walls.  With nine of the hottest women on the Vegas Strip dancing, teasing and tormenting into the night.


Are they all Barbie knock-offs?  Heck no. You have eight gorgeous dancers of various body types, heights, hair colors and ethnicity dancing alone and in groups, through various typical male fantasies.  There is something there for just about anyone’s taste.


Fantasy plays nightly at the Luxor Hotel and Casino

They have a great way to start the show.  The show starts off with a video of the girls primping for their calendar shoot.  Then as the screen lifts up, you are at the start of the first fantasy… A lingerie-clad female lounging in bed with a few of her hottest girlfriends.

From there, they went into the gorgeous secretary, the “save a horse, ride a cowboy” (just the way it should have been done in the first place) and all time favorite of the male world …  Cheerleaders doing more than cheering from the sidelines… (If they danced like that in real life, I might actually watch Monday Night Football)  Plus a few other sexy numbers…

Angelica Bridges does a great job orchestrating the night.  But, she does get some help from comedian Sean Cooper.

At first, I wasn’t too hip on this.  I hate that they always have to ruin a great visual buffet with some lame comic while the girls take a much-needed breather.  But, I was wrong with Sean.

He started with a really delusional impression of James Brown that turned into a series of great impressions of Sammy Davis Jr., Tina Turner and of course, Michael Jackson. The man has great timing and talent to keep you laughing and moving the show along.

All in all, “Fantasy” is what the other Topless Review Shows wished they could be.  An erotic, sexy and sultry show that celebrates the female form with pure class.

If you are looking for a classy adult show, this is it.

Editors Note: We also saw this show for its 15th Anniversary and other than a change in leadership, this show has aged very well and still one of the hottest and classiest adult shows on the Strip

Tickets to Fantasy
See it at Luxor Resort
Starts 10:30 Nightly

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