Gold Spike is new again!

The Gold Spike is New Again

Will wonders ever cease?  A fan of the Podcast asked about the Gold Spike and I said it had been rehabilitated, cleaned up, fumigated and now back open for business.  A few of you scoffed at me when you heard that.

The Gold Spike was a downtown hole in the wall, smoke filled  joint with a flophouse making out like a hotel on top.  It was known for its cheap beer, cheaper women and the encouragement of chain smoking.  I am pretty sure it was also used as a test chamber for the effects of third hand smoke.  Anyone within 50 feet of the front entrance had a pretty good shot at catching something.

Well, like I said on the podcast that those days are gone.  Last year a brave soul stepped forward and bought the place.  Paid a pretty penny for it too!  The new owner, Stephen Siegel is serious about transforming the Gold Spike into a boutique and classy little joint.  And is on his way to proving that point.

Gold Spike is clean!
Just to prove the point,  I walked into the place and  could actually see more than five feet in front of me.  Look at the pictures… It’s a clean and shiny place with friendly people. Really! Almost like a new joint.

Trust me, this wasn’t just a duct tape and bleach redo like some other joints.  Nope.  This was a strip’em to the walls and floor and start over type pf clean up.  They aren’t really done with it all, they still have some work left on it.  But what a difference it makes so far.


Now if they would only do something with that other problem child next door, the Lady Luck… That’s the new eyesore!

  1. I work at the Gold Spike and you should see it now. The pool and outside hotel is open now , everything was re-vamped. Also, they are now working on LL , yes.

  2. I am glad to hear that that the Gold Spike is cleaned up. Good for downtown. I was thinking the same thing about the Lady Luck eyesore. Too late for us anyway we are out of the timeshare there. I still like Downtown though so I hope it keeps improving.

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