Review: Purple Reign Downtown At The D

Always fun when I get a call from a friend and it starts out with “Hey Mark, want to see a show tonight?”  In this case, it was the popular Purple Reign- The Prince tribute show at their new location at The D in Downtown Las Vegas.  (The D Casino used to be The Fitzgerald Casino).

Since I am from Minnesota, I got to see the real Prince once at his Paisley Park Studio and having had Morris Day in my limo a few times, I thought why not?  Let’s go see what a Vegas tribute to this little musical savant is like.   And all I can say is it was Awesome.  Maybe a little too awesome for the small room that it is in.  But still a kick-ass show.

It does take off from the movie of the similar title.  Jason Tanner performs as Prince and has been doing it for years. Yea, you could pick him apart for being taller than the real Prince. But I think everyone is taller than the munchkin! However, his character, the clothing, and his manners all capture what we all imagine a Prince concert would have been like in 1989 at First Avenue in Minnesota.  Jason and his band also sell it! They are a tight sounding Prince music making machine and you really have that feeling like you are “there” in the concert from the movie Purple Rain.

Now, what would a Prince/Purple Reign tribute show be without Prince’s rival from the movie, Morris Day??  Complete with his silent valet holding the mirror??  Yup, he was there too, Dead On in the impersonation, manners, and voice.

Morris Day Prince tribuet Show

They do like to get into the audience and get the crowd going…  After all, who hasn’t seen the movie Purple Rain ??


My only complaint was that the night we saw the show, they were rocking it a bit too loud at the end for my tastes and ears were ringing a few days after.  But that’s just me…  I loved the show and wish it was in a little larger room where they could handle the loud and noisy guitar solos at the end Prince was known for.


If you like Prince, wanted to see him in concert but never could because… Well, it was Prince… Go See This Show. You Will Love It!


Editor’s Note:  The Show has since moved to the Tropicana


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