Detours small group tours

It’s your vacation and it’s your time to enjoy the tour.

  • You don’t want to spend it waiting for 50 other people to get on or off the bus at an overlook or a destination
  • You want time to talk with and interact with your experienced tour guide
  • You don’t want to hear a bus driver give you a canned monolog
  • You want to share it people excited to see new places and experience new adventures
  • You want to spend more time at the destination

Small group tours like the ones offered by Detours of Nevada offer unforgettable experiences that last a lifetime.  Small groups, less than 12 per tour, means easier in and out.  The smaller custom tour vehicles often can go where the big bus can not.  Your driver/guide is experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about the places you are about to visit and they love to share that passion with you in the smaller group environment. That’s the Small Group Tour Experience.

Families and friends traveling together often want a tour with fewer people, and many times they want a tour just for themselves.

A smaller group tour allows a better opportunity for each person to interact with the tour guide at a higher level and eliminates the wait for the last few travelers getting back to the bus.

You can imagine, a small group tour gives you almost everything you don’t get on a big bus tour.

The Vegas Tourist offers Detours of Nevada small group tours as their premier tour operator.
Detours offer you a 10% discount on any of their tours by mentioning our Promo Code: TVT




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