5 Points to Ponder with Cannabis Now Legal in Las Vegas

5 points to ponder about getting stoned in Las Vegas

Metro and Getting Stoned in Las Vegas

As of July 1, it became legal to get stoned in Las Vegas!  Well, maybe not stoned, at least a little medicated high from legally grown and properly taxed cannabis.  For the past year, you had to have a medical marijuana card in order to enter a dispensary and buy the product.  But now, if you are an adult, 21 or older, the gates are open for you to enjoy that miracle of an herb as a recreational user.

Recreational and Medical Marijuana is available in many forms. From a simple bud to special oils and vapors to candy bars and gummy products.

Before you light one up or munch one down, please remember these 5 little tidbits of information on the Marijuana Laws of the Land:

  1. You Must at least 21 years of age in order to buy or use retail marijuana. And it is only available from state-licensed dispensaries with a 15% tax on it
    Anyone 18 years and older with a valid medical marijuana card can purchase cannabis legally in Nevada. It can be a card from another state or country.
  2. Just like other recreational stimulants, it is illegal to give, buy or sell to a minor or someone under the age of 21
  3. It is illegal to smoke retail marijuana in public, on federal land or in a vehicle without risking a hefty fine.
    This includes inside your hotel room.  Marijuana is still illegal at the federal level and most casinos and resorts work across state lines and have federal licenses.  So they want to stay in the good graces of Uncle Sam!
  4. Driving high is the same as driving drunk.   Law enforcement officials will determine if a person is under the influence of marijuana by requesting either a urine sample, blood sample or field sobriety test.  If you are transporting marijuana in a vehicle, it should be in a sealed container away from the driver and any minor passengers. Failure to do so could result in an “Open Container” citation. fine or, in the case of minors in the vehicle, the much more severe citation “aggravating circumstance.”
  5. You can only purchase retail marijuana from authorized dispensaries.  Clark County (Las Vegas) has 80 of them. None in Hendeson.

For more information, here is a link to Clark County’s website with FAQ’s about Retail Marijuana Laws – Retail Marijuana Frequently Asked Questions

In Podcast #217, I talk with former Henderson Mayor Bob Groesbeck. He is currently President of Medizin, a Marijuana Dispensary here in Las Vegas


The main thing to remember is that retail marijuana and medical marijuana is legal in Nevada as well as a few other states. But it is still against federal laws.  So know the difference.  Do not try to take it across state lines, even if the neighboring state has legalized it as well. Crossing state lines is a Federal action, no matter the form.  DO Not try to fly back to your home state or country with it in your luggage or on your person.  Medical card or not, you are violating the federal law the moment your feet leave Nevada soil.

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