5 Vegas Tourist Gift Ideas (video)

Five Vegas Gift Ideas

Do you have a Vegas Tourist in your life? Someone who comes to Las Vegas?  Or maybe know someone who is planning to come to Las Vegas that you need to shop for?  What are some of your favorite gift ideas to give that person?


I came up with five good gift ideas for your person who is either coming to Las Vegas or wants to come to Las Vegas.  These are ideas that even some of the Vegas usual suspects may not buy but would love to have them as a gift.

5) Las Vegas Power Pass
This card gives you over 50 exhibits and attractions for free.  Free tours and even a “skip to the front of the line for many of the rides!!  You can save hundreds with this simple card or ecard.  Plus discounts, maps and insider information.

4) Anker Portable Charger PowerCore 20100
I reviewed this a while back and still love it. A very portable and fast charging battery pack to recharge on the go, your portable electronic like your smartphone, camera, and notebook.  While still having energy left over for friends and co-travelers.  Fits nicely in pant’s pocket or fanny pack!

Number three was a toss up depending on their level of desire for Las Vegas history.


3A) Frank Cullotta’s Casino Tour
Frank lived the movie “Casino” and even played a few key roles int he ending as he was working as a technical advisor for the movie!  How cool would that be to ride around, stopping at key spots from the movie and from the real life, with the man who played in the movie and lived it all?

3B) Wayne Newton’s Casa de Shenandoah Tour
Wayne Newton is as synonymous with Las Vegas as is the Welcome to Las Vegas sign!  he came here as a teenager and lived through its mob period and into the boom era.  His famous ranch is now a living museum where you get to see and learn the true story of the man and his legendary career. Plus see his prized Arabians, sit in his private jet and hear stories about his life and how he helped so many people around the world as well support our military men and women.

Like number three, two has an either or. You will either like one or the other depending on your desires to learn about Las Vegas and its gambling side or want to get some great deals and personal observations and insight from a long time Las Vegas local.


2A) Anthony Curtis Las Vegas Advisor newsletter
Anthony Curtis came to Las Vegas int he 80’s wanting to be a professional poker player. To supplement his income and answers friends and family’s questions about Las Vegas, he started a newsletter that included free show tickets and two-for-one offers. It became a hit and he became too famous to be a poker player in the gambling dens in Las Vegas.

2B) Access Vegas Advantage Membership
My friend Ted Newkirk came to Las Vegas about the same time but for different reasons. He wanted to get out of the cold Northwest.  He started a website that looked at Las Vegas and talked about the people, the shows, and the specials.  A more personal look at Vegas from a Vegas local.  Now he added a membership side to offer even better deals and private insights to all the things that make Las Vegas famous.

#1) Best Gift Idea for the Vegas Tourist in Your life! The American Casino Guide
Although it covers gambling in 750 casinos in 41 states, this annually updated guidebook is most famous for its Las Vegas coupon section. It is also filled with gambler insights to how each casino and state operates. How-To guides on betting, gaming and beating the house. Plus other great insights and observations with all the deals, coupons and special offers.

What would be your five Vegas Tourist Gift Ideas? 


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