A Halloween Party Vegas Style

Hard Rock party Vegas tours

For all you getting ready to go out for Halloween, I just wanted to show you what a Halloween party is like, Vegas style

It’s called The World Famous (and it is) Fetish and Fantasy Ball.  About 7,000 costumed adults joined in this year at The Joint inside the Hard Rock Casino.  Same place it will be next year…

Adult party tour in las vegas

As with anything in Vegas, we tend to take it up a notch or two when compared with other festivities in other towns.  Ok, we take it to the extreme limits… Who are we kidding??  Halloween in Vegas is a license to really party kinky!! Complete with alcohol, sexy outfits and outrageous costumes.

Las Vegas Party Adult style


As long as the private bits were covered, pretty much anything goes at this annual party.  And it does.  Everything from a horny Darth Vader with a Princess Leia doll taped to his crotch to … well, you can figure it out from there… It was here.  Even the Drag Queens get out dragged by the tourist costumers in party mode…

Missed it this year?  They are selling tickets for next year starting today! Buy Fetish and Fantasy Ball Tickets here

A special thanks to Tom Donoghue for the photos


Vegas Halloween Party tour

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