A New Miss America???

Just in case you missed it; the finals for “Living Your Mother’s Dreams” was this held this weekend in Las Vegas.  Otherwise known as the Miss America pageant.  Don’t worry if you didn’t realize that the show was on or even that it was still being produced.  It took a lot of people by surprise.

Caressa Carlton of Virginia got the crown after pledging her time as titleholder will be spent raising awareness about AIDS and HIV.

Yup, that’s how out of touch this legend of a pageant is.  The best the organizers could do for a theme for the new winner is to dig up a very important, yet aged and generic theme.

With everything going on in America right now; With everything that the modern young woman has to face right now in her life, the powers that be chose this topic to represent the wholesomeness of the American beauty??

Trust me.  Having seen how this organization works, this was not HER choice.  In order to be even considered a contender for the crown, you give up choice and allow the system to decide everything for you.  But This Topic is the best they could do???


Anyway, we wish Miss Carlton the best of luck and to enjoy whatever she can get from this year as Miss America.

Miss America, 2010

In Other Entertainment News:
Bette Midler ended her 2 year stay at the Coliseum.  leaving the door open for Celine Dion’s return.

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