A Slider and a Beer

You know you have lived in Las Vegas too long when you forgot why you moved to Las Vegas in the first place.  You moved here because you got tired of being a tourist and wanted to live here instead of visiting.

That bit of trivia has surfaced a lot lately, as locals ponder why we have a White Castle and why the first one was placed on the Strip, not in the suburbs.  Well Dah!

Let Me Explain

I was in a meeting last week and the topic of White Castle opening up on the Strip came up and the fact that they had to close twice in the first few days to restock and give the staff time to catch their breath.

First you have all the former mid-westerners who claim they have never and would never step foot in a White Castle.  You know 90% of them are liars and probably have a White Castle app on their smartphones.   If the number of White Castle deniers were true, it would not be one of the most profitable fast food restaurants in America.

After hearing from all those who hate on the Slider Nation (people like to call the White Castle hamburger “sliders”), comes those who claim the only time they can remember dining on the little squares of steamed goodness, was after a night of heavy drinking.   Back int he Midwest, the only thing open after last call at the bar was the local White Castle restaurant.


Now comes the funny part. Those who usually claim the only time they indulged in White Castles was after a night of drinking, are usually the same ones who are wondering why the first White Castle in Las Vegas is on the Strip, not in the suburbs.  As a local, you would expect that the Vegas’ suburbs are filled with former White Castle regulars who would frequent an old friend.  So why not go there first??

We Were All Tourists Once

At about this point is when I step up and get their attention.  Asking if they remember being a tourist here in Las Vegas?  What was your primary state of existence while being a tourist? Answer:  Usually  shit faced drunk from touch-down to wheels up.    Ok, so if being drunk was the primary motivator to going to a White Castle, what would be better? to target your market at a few hundred thousand homesteaders who remember your brand?  Or 41 million annual tourists who come here to get drunk and have a good time?  Hmmm…..


Oh yea, you can now have your beer and your slider at the same time!!  The Las Vegas White Castle offers beer with your meal…  Gotta Love Las Vegas!!

white castle offers beer in las vegas

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