Almost Time for Las Vegas Market 2017

Las Vegas Market 2017

For those who have followed this blog and our podcasts a number of years, you know my love for the annual CES convention in January.  It is my all time favorite event to attend here and was the original reason I would visit Las Vegas as a tourist from Minnesota.

What some of you don’t know is what are my other top events to attend in Las Vegas. As strange as it sounds, the Las Vegas Market is one of my top 5 favorite events.   Thousands of retailers and designers come to Las Vegas Market to see what’s new and what’s hot.  Like CES, what we see here will be in your home furnishings and gift stores later this year.  And the summer 2017 event is coming next week July 30 – August 3.

The last few Market conventions have hit at a bad time for us and our schedule, this year it’s hitting us perfectly and we plan to be there for both video and the podcast coverage.

Why Las Vegas Market

Unlike and like CES, this show is HUGE.  So huge, they have their very own event center. Actually, it’s a campus. It sits right between Downtown Las Vegas and I-15.  It’s those three tall buildings that kind of look like spaceships sitting across from the melting building (Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health) and across from Las Vegas Premium Outlets North.  Not only do they need those three buildings, they also have three additional “pavilions”.  Those white domed structures that are literally the length of a football field each. That’s over 5 million square feet of exhibit space on that corner.

“Since its launch in the Summer of 2005, Las Vegas Market has become the most comprehensive furniture, home décor and gift market in the Western United States, presenting a unique cross-section of 4,000+ resources in an unrivaled market destination.”

Unlike CES, they expect 50,000 people to attend.  Nowhere near CES numbers, however, that number is growing by leaps and bounds each year over the last ten years and the exhibitor sponsored events are now stretched all across the Las Vegas tourist corridor.


The Pavilions at Las Vegas MArket


Impact of Technology on Home Furnishings

I like to go to see the new gadgets and how electronics has integrated with the home furnishings market.  Even your favorite recliner now has Bluetooth and a USB charger built in.  The bed and nightstands are now touch operated!   Over the last few years, the smart home has taken a larger part of the display floor and embedded itself into the most common of furnishings. I like to see that!


Reality TV and Home Furnishings

Walking the halls and the pavillions the last time I was there, we noticed the way Reality Tv is booming.  How the DIY stars are now endorsing new lines of gadgets and furnishings.  Even creating their own brands and lines of tools, gadgets, and styles.  But more importantly, when talking to the manufacturing reps on hand at the show, you get the inside scoop on how social media and the plethora of DIY shows have helped the manufacturers get a grip on the ever changing styles and demands of the consumers at all levels of income and price points.

It surprised me just how fast consumers tastes in home furnishings can change based on the sudden surge of a particular new reality show or social media star.  A bed is a bed and a lamp is a lamp is how I used to think. But when you look at how it fits into your home decor and what your decor says about your lifestyle and desires, it can actually make a big difference in making a home a happy home or just a place to sleep and wait until the next work day.

The Las Vegas Skyline from Las Vegas Markets

The structures themselves are some world class facilities with all the modern amenities for exhibitors and attendees. One of them being a kick ass skyline view of Downtown and the north end of the Las Vegas Strip from one of the meeting rooms.

The campus set up is flexible enough to allow “pop ups” for new and up and coming stars of the home furnishings and gift markets.  The last time we were there, the Grumpy Cat was making his world marketing debut and one of the Pop-ups was filled with Grumpy Cat memorabilia, gifts, and trinkets.

So if you are wondering why your favorite Reality Star or DIY TV Star is suddenly tweeting from Las Vegas, this is why.  They will all be here to show off their newest sponsor or line of tools, toys or home furnishings.  Helping you get ready for that winter time redecorating project or creating your home wish list for the Holidays.  This is where it all starts and we will be there for your voyeuristic pleasures.

FYI: The Las Vegas Market Show is closed to the public. However, the main floor of one of the towers is open all year with some of the larger exhibitors open for retail sales and information.


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