Another Las Vegas Landmark Gone??

Another Las Vegas Landmark Gone

Am I missing a memo or is the corporate greed at Caesars Entertainment gone off the deep end and they really are trying to remove anything that makes their properties interesting and unique?? Serious. I realize I’ve been putting in a lot of hours on another project, but normally I am tuned into the major Vegas news about iconic landmarks being dismantled and replaced by more shopping.

Like the world famous Caesars Palace Fountains.

caesars fountains gone

Next door, they are recreating a $15 million shrine to the biggest most annoying celebrity chef in the business, Gordon Ramsey. Is this to be part of the infamous recreation of “Hell’s Kitchen”?? It doesn’t look temporary. But in Las Vegas, that can always be deceiving. And being Caesars, they never have to use permits or follow the customary rules of construction in Las Vegas. So the information can be buried on some desk of a former city or county worker’s desk. Like former mayor Jan Jone’s who thought to have the permits on her desk to remodel Rio was the same as having them filed with the county.

Caesars Palace, HELL’S KITCHEN restaurant

Kind of like when Caesars was called Harrah’s Entertainment and they remodeled the main tower of the Rio and forgot to file the proper permits.  Former Las Vegas Mayor and now Executive Vice President, Public Policy & Corporate Responsibility for Caesars Entertainment, Jan Jones (Blackhurst) reportedly said that the paperwork for the proper permits was on her desk.  So that should be good enough.


Anyway, it’s sad to see another bit of Las Vegas beauty go away and replaced by another shopping emporium….


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