Bellagio in The Spring

So Sazzy and I needed a break for our vortex’s.  It was a beautiful Friday and we decided to escape the palatial palace’s of  The Vegas Tourist and play tourist for a few hours.  We had no real destination in mind, so we headed off to the Bellagio and see what’s new.

The Bellagio has out done themselves again with their newest design for its conservatory.  Changed up the theme a little from last spring and went with a display modeled after the classic book “Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland.”

I kind of thought more of the movie “Honey I shrunk the Kids” trapped in Martha Stewart’s garden.  Complete with a colony of 10-foot long ants, sculpted entirely of bronze.  The queen ant is 24-feet long and weighs more than four tons.

Not to mention the 15-foot flowerpot tipped over next to the 28-foot spade and all the king-size animated butterflies, bumble bees, frogs and snails frolicking.  Did I mention the 15-foot tall mushrooms and of course, the thousands of tulips (?), poppies, daisies, mums and daffodils.


One surprise was the rare exhibition of 10 sculpted potted olive trees.  The largest collection in the world on display.  As if any other city would dare to match it!  Each of these trees is over 100 years old.

From there, we went and explored City Center.  More on that later.  Than it was back to the grind and back to work.   Some days its good to be us!!


The current display is here until May 9.  The Bellagio Conservatory is free and open to the public.

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