Buddy Holly Done Right

Brandon Albright plays Buddy Holly

If you have ever been out to Spring Mountain State Park, you know how beautiful and peaceful it is….  Now imagine sitting on the grass and watching some amazing talent under the stars!!

Well, that’s what I did last night.  Some friends who work with the Super Summertime Theatre invited us out to see The Buddy Holly Story.  What an awesome show and an amazing place to see it.

From start to finish, it was pure entertainment.  The lead is played brilliantly by Brandon Albright.  Who, until he got the part, couldn’t play a lick of guitar music and now can rock with the best of them and does.

You don’t realize it because the story moves along at a fast pace, but Brandon is on stage almost the entire time in one form or another.  Also, the story stays focused on the short rise to fame and the tragic end of this American icon.  From discovery to death in an Iowa farm field.  It ends with a thirty-minute rock out by almost the entire cast of musicians.  This, of course, gets everyone to their feet for some dancing as Brandon. I mean Buddy, jumps into the crowd to help keep it going.

This is another great example of talent scouts overlooking local talent.  When they were shooting the last rounds of “what happens in Vegas” advertisements, they went looking in LA for talent.  This show is filled with a lot of  local talent in all departments.


If you are looking for something to do in Vegas on a summertime weekend, that won’t break the kids trust account, check them out.  About 20 minutes from the strip, but well worth the effort.  And it’s cheap.  $10 a ticket.

Oh, show up early and check out the ranch House and bring a blanket and a sweater… it does get cool out once the sun sets….  You can bring coolers and stadium chairs.  They do ask that you help support the park and the programs by buying from the concession stand.  Trust me, you can afford to buy a hot dog and coke from them.  You don’t see these prices anywhere else near the strip.

Super Summertime Theatre

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