Celine Returns

Celine Dion in concert, Vegas Tours

Did Celine Dion get a clue?  Buy a brain cell or two?  Or could it be that her husband’s gambling habit is now under control??  Either way, she is returning “home” in March of 2011 to Las Vegas and playing again at the coliseum Caesars Las Vegas built for her.

This time the three-year deal has some sanity built into it.  Gone are her demands of ultra high-ticket prices for everyone.  Wonder if Garth Brooks new gig at the Wynn had any influence on that one.  Seats begin at $55.  Yes, that’s two numbers left of the decimal, instead of her usual three.  The Coliseum doesn’t have a bad seat in the place. So even the nosebleed seats I’ve been told are great.


According to her press release, they promise that the dancers and Circus acts will be replaced with the traditional Vegas Show with a full orchestra and a band.  Someone please tell me the difference?  You have an orchestra and a band?  It’s Celine and now she will be the center of attention….

The Good News in This:
If she is your thing, you better get your tickets early.  Like Now! They went on sale yesterday and are doing “brisk” business from what I am told.  My French Canadian Tour buddies tell me they are getting hit with a lot of new orders for Vegas bound tours.

She is a Vegas tourist attraction, and love her or hate her, she is what she is and Vegas needs her….  Get Tickets Here

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