City Center Opens

City Center las Vegas

The Las Vegas shrine to corporate greed, arrogance, mismanagement, and just plain stupid ideas that were created by out-of-touch, overpaid corporate committees, opens its doors tomorrow morning.

It’s called CityCenter.

That $9 billion albatross to the Vegas skyline starts to open its doors on Tuesday.  Changing the Las Vegas forever.  The sad thing is that it won’t matter if this project works or fails, we will be stuck looking at this ungodly group of steel and glass structures for generations to come.  A fake Manhattan skyline plopped down in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip for all to see. What were they thinking?

The problem was the man Kirk” Kerkorian, the founder of MGM and its CEO, put his “Main Man” in charge of it, Jim Murren. A man who knows nothing about business or people or customers. He knows spreadsheets, dividends, and stock portfolios. That’s it!!

Just as a point of reference, the original price tag for the entire City Center project was to be “only” $2 billion. The current tally says it cost $9 billion and some change.  That tells you how badly Jim Murren Managed this project.


As anyone who has read this blog knows, I am not a big fan of this failure in the making. It’s half-owned by some of the people who are suspected of helping pay for and plan the 9/11 attacks on America. (Dubai).  The other half of the project is owned by one of the largest, most out-of-touch casino companies in America (MGM).

Just goes to show you what happens when you have a management team that looks at spreadsheets instead of customers. If they had any clue to who their customers were, this thing would never have been built.

Build It!


But it has been built and we now have to deal with the consequences it creates. It can get all the great raves and back-slapping “congratulations” from the hypocrite enviro-geeks it needs to make the owners feel proud. But it has been and will continue to be an economy-busting project for those of us who must live, work and survive with it.

If I lived in New York or Chicago, I guess I would sit around the fern bar with my friends, drinking funny fruity drinks and rave about how this is such an amazing addition to the already clogged skyline of exotic buildings that will save the environment and provide jobs for the “lower class”.

It’s ultra modernistic looking metal and glass buildings of various shapes and colors that just scream ordinary big city.  All of this being built around an overpriced shopping and entertainment complex that will be anchored by yet another Cirq show centered on a dead Vegas icon (Elvis).

But this is not Chicago, nor is it New York.  This is Las Vegas, Nevada.  And it is an ugly addition to the skyline that was doing very well on its own by NOT Being like Chicago or Los Angeles.

People don’t come to Las Vegas to get wrapped up in a fantasy about being in another metal structure that looks similar to the ones they just left back home.  Vegas tourism is about getting away from reality.  It’s about NOT being reminded of what you just left.

To add insult to injury, rumors abound that the two men, the chief architects of this booming economy we are experiencing; slimy Senator Harry Reid and President Obama, may come out to slap themselves on the back for making this “dream“ happen. God help us all.  Just what we need, the two fools who killed the Vegas economy now want to take credit for this!!

Vadara opens first.  1,500 suites and penthouse suites.  Rooms rates begin at $129 (how bad is that??)

Aria opens its 1,400-room palace later this month and rooms can be had for $159 – Opening a fourth of the 4,000 plus rooms and suites in order to say they were sold out on the opening night.

  1. Great Article. Thanks for telling how it ‘really is.’ Not only is City Center another several thousand rooms we don’t need, it’s another Cirque show we don’t want.

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