Classic Route 66 Fun Run

Route 66 Fun Run Mark Anthony

Coming to Vegas for spring break?  Want to see some true American Classic Cars still running?  Then come on out for the Historic Route 66 Fun Run starting in Seligman, AZ May 4 -6th.

I know, it’s not “Vegas” but it is Vegas tourism.  So it fits.  Sazzy and I  went a few years ago and had a blast. It’s about a 3-hour drive out of Vegas and you want to get there early.  They line the cars up starting at about 7am on Saturday.  The flag drops at 10 and they roll on down the highway to Kingman.

Last year, 900 cars from all over the world and all eras of motorized transportation was on display and running.  It’s awesome.

The Grand Marshal of all the festivities and the one man most credited for saving this chunk of American history is my friend Angel Delgadillo and he will be on hand to start the rally.  Try keeping up with the man.  He’s 85 years young but lives for this moment and on this day, I swear he turns 21 again.

The year we were there, we saw everything from a 1916 Dodge Brothers Coupe to a pack of Shelby Mustangs brought over by a French Shelby collectors club.


The great thing is that it’s not a timed event.  Once the cars start rolling at 10 am, they head towards Kingman.  With a couple of stops along the way for people to experience the by-gone days of travel.  Small stores, travel courts, and mom & pop shops dot the scenic road.  Lined with fans of the cars and the rally… It’s a fun trip back in time.

If you do go, bring lots of memory for the camera and some paper towels for the drool!  The car owners are really nice, but they do get a little upset with people drooling all over the polished chrome.

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