Derek Stevens, Downtown Vegas & Sexy Legs

Derek Stevens and the Legs of Downtown Las Vegas
Derek Stevens, Owner of the D is all smiles. Can you blame him?


Some days of editing The Vegas Tourist, I comment on how I want to come back as the camera lens to our friendly photographer Tom Donoghue. Today, I just want to be in the shadow of Derek Stevens, the owner of The D Las Vegas Hotel & Casino in downtown Las Vegas.  Just for one day.  He seems to have brought back the Fun to owning a casino in Las Vegas.  Something that has been missing in the last few years of corporate ownership and dull thinking.

This past weekend he held the Miss D Legs contest and 30 leggy beauties from across the fruited plains strutted their stuff in front of a panel of judges made up of the men from new headliner show at the D, “Aussie Hunks” Billed as The Only Male Strip Revue downtown.

Vegas Legs The D Las Vegas
Quick, think of a song!


The top five winners will grace a series of billboards for the next year, promoting The D as well as Downtown Las Vegas. Derek Stevens is a big booster of all things Downtown Las Vegas. Like I said,m He is bringing fun back to be a Las Vegas casino owner…

Daisy Schneider of Florida was the Miss D Legs winner
Miss Daisy (#8) of Florida was the Miss D Legs winner



Just in case you were really wondering or cared:  Daisy Schneider (No. 8) of Florida was the winner, followed by Leah Grubei (No. 17) in second and Christina Brooklyn (No. 5) in third.

Thank you Tom Donoghue for the photos.  We know it was a difficult job but you were up to the task, I am sure!!



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